How to Get Creatively Experimental

Hey Lovely,

I was at a party last weekend and while chatting, a friend asked me “How do you know if an idea will work?” I replied, “I don’t. I absolutely have to treat everything I do as an experiment otherwise I’ll be too attached to the outcome and I wont do it.”

What I’ve discovered is that if you have an approach that everything new that you do is a creative experiment and not an absolute then you will wonderfully open yourself up to way more ideas…and that’s when the super fun stuff happens!!

Experimenting really is the secret to not getting down about things – if it doesn’t work, or no-one buys your offering, it doesn’t matter – it was only an experiment anyway! Of course that doesn’t mean we throw away money or act recklessly, it means that we take our business ideas seriously but we don’t get too upset it they don’t work. We try another one – another experiment and we see if that works.

Plus!! If we hold ourselves back and don’t dive in and experiment we run the risk of losing lots of money because we end up procrastinating on our ideas instead of moving forward!

How to Get Creatively Experimental:

  • Do a big brainstorm and jot down ideas that you want to try out
  • Create low-cost (but still nice) promo materials, ads or events *I use InShot App, Canva and Layout all the time for quick and easy marketing
  • Spread the word for a few weeks or months (depending on what you’re promoting)
  • See the response and gauge your thoughts objectively

If the response was good you can beautifully breathe more life into the idea, if the response wasn’t as great, you can gently put it to bed and try something else.

My Recent Experiments

  • The Podcast show (worked)
  • Using my book as a giveaway lead magnet (worked)
  • Promoting a Podcast Bootcamp Workshop (didn’t work)
  • Promoting $1,000 off one of my mentoring packages (didn’t work)
  • Pitching to do my first partnership (worked)
  • Pitching to an organisation to collaborate (didn’t work)

It breaks my heart when I hear lovely people tell me they’re “Still working out their idea” or “I just haven’t written my book yet – but I will” or “I’m not really sure how to approach the right people” or “I’ll start building my tribe when I’m ready.”

The thing is…none of us are really ever ready hey. So! One way of breaking through those worries and fears is to just experiment and see what sticks.

In a nutshell, ‘the experimental view’ lets you off the hook a bit. It’s so fabulous because you can just try all sorts of things and not feel down on yourself if they don’t work…

It’s super cool because you lower the pressure and worry. It’s sooo liberating, refreshing and creative and this is how you’ll create and generate your best, most wonderful work!!!

What are you creatively experimenting with this week? I’d love to know! Let me know in the comments below 🙂

All my wonderful wishes to you,
Emma Franklin Bell xxx

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