How to Become a Creative Leader

Hey Lovely,

Throughout my travels this week I’ve been carefully observing how people are showing up online, offline, in print, in presentations and more!

It has profoundly struck me lovely, that there seems to be two ways of showing up in your beautiful business:

1. As a solid, smart, competent business owner
2. All of the above PLUS as a creative, inspirational, influential leader

Wow! Woo hoo! It has completely struck (moved) me in every cell of my body my love!
I mean, I now just look around and I can almost feel it in my bones within moments of meeting someone – they just ooze some sort of effervescent energy!

Both ways of working and operating are effective, productive and successful but I deeply and sincerely believe that the number 2 way of showing up has ‘the edge’ , it just has something more…

You know when you meet people like this. They have that certain something that draws people to them, makes people listen and take notice and makes them memorable – and it can’t be faked – it’s the real deal – honest, heartfelt, soulful and creative, inspirational and influential. It’s such a potent, powerful combination I think. Know what I mean?

I call them Creative Leaders.

Creative Leaders:

  • Are lovers of life and possibility
  • Tap into their ‘creativity’ for ideas, innovation, guidance and whenever they take the next step
  • Are quirky or cool, elegant or over-the-top – whatever they are – they are unashamedly themselves
  • Draw on an array of ideas from art to business, sport to psychology – their curiosity is boundless
  • Have a personal philosophy about life and the world they live in
  • Want deeply to help, motivate and move people
  • Have a ‘growth mindset’
  • Are optimists
  • Are happy to sing, dance, write, paint whatever, should the mood take them
  • Prolific producers and creators of their craft, their content or their service
  • Want to raise everyone up to live life out loud and proud!

They also deeply care about people and want everyone around them to succeed and be abundant in life which is super juicy and fabulous!!

Does this sound like you? Or, does this stir something in you…?

If it does, I thought it might, thing is, it sounds and feels like me too, so we’re in the same league right?! The most wonderful thing is that we’re all in this together; we’re all moving forward, owning and exploring our own creativity in our lives and our businesses.

The beautiful thing is, it doesn’t have to be a dream, your creativity and Creative Leadership is the answer to your business success…

Your Creative Leadership
I want you to grab a piece of paper right now, wherever you are, do it now (YaY) and write at the top: “The Kind of Creative Leader I Feel I Am Is:”

Now, quickly go over the list above of the things I’ve noticed Creative Leaders seem to have in common and see what resonates with you, absolutely add to that list or change it up, whatever you feel is you!

Make a list (do it quickly – gets our brain going!) of all the things you’re putting out there in terms of your creative leadership. Don’t worry if you feel you don’t share a lot of those things (or any of those things) just jot down what you do have/offer/present right now that is creative and what you do that feels like leadership, no matter how large or small…

Then, gorgeous, type it up and send it through to me!
I’ll respond to each list personally!
l’d love to read your thoughts and ideas!!! FUN!

By starting to understand your own Creative Leadership you start to show up in the world with more clarity, purpose and solidity and this ripples out to everyone in your life and your business.

I’d love to know what you come up with!

All my best wishes to you – have a beautiful, bountiful week!
Emma Franklin Bell xxx

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