How To Develop an ASK Mindset

Hey Lovely,

I reckon the Number 1 thing you need to do (if you’re not atm) to get what you want is ASK for it. ASK! Yes! Have an “Ask Mindset”. Maybe it was the moon or something but it just came to me all at once!

  • Ask others for feedback, help, ideas, contacts
  • Ask your lovely tribe how you can better serve them
  • Ask your mind/the universe/your higher power/your intuition what you truly desire

A little story…. case in point, my lovely friend Anna and I rocked along to an event. The speaker was business heavyweight Mark Bouris (in Aus he’s a pretty big deal) who runs Yellow Brick Road Wealth Management. We knew having him as a guest on our Podcast would really help us gain momentum for the show.

Nervous but all smiles we wander up “Hey Mark, (chit chat) we would love to interview you on our show.” His eyebrows shot up “Well, normally I do the interviewing on my show, not the other way round, but, hey, why not? Let’s do it!”

Boom!! Yippee!! We were pretty happy I have to say! This has really put us on the map with the video of the interview getting nearly 4000 views in 1 week! People have asked, “How did you manage to get Mark Bouris on your podcast? What did you do??” The answer – we ASKED!

My Motto For Asking:

“Ask for anything and see how you go.
Some opportunities you’ll get, some you won’t.
Just stand in your power and go for it!”

If we ask from a place of power and strength but also humility and grace and respectfully return the favour and help people when they ask (within our boundaries of course) we really can all achieve so much!

What’s your Ask Motto?

I really think it’s worth putting one together so that every time you feel resistance coming up you say that motto and break through! We all hold back at times (ok heaps of times, I know I have!!) out of fear of rejection, feeling rude or pushy, being a pest etc but if you genuinely care, you respect the other person and you know their help will not only help you but also your tribe then the ripple effect is enormous.

I LOVE a good ripple effect! That’s what truly transforms us right?! When our goodness ripples out into the world and touches people! So, I say don’t hold back, step forward into the light and ASK!

Ask Challenge
What are you going to ask this week?

Make it happen!
Love Emma Franklin Bell xxx

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