How to Tap Into Your Creativity and Boost Your Business

Hey Lovely,

You know, I absolutely believe with all my heart that your fortune lives in the ability to unlock your precious pearls of wisdom and gems of greatness from your skills, talents and abilities and then turn those into actual tangible things like products, programs, workshops, FB LIVE videos, books and more for your beautiful community, clients and customers.

This, mining of your creativity is where you’ll truly serve your community, get your sales and build your passionate, profitable business because you’re actually making and creating things – magical things!

So how do you do this?

One way is to find out your tribe’s deepest challenges and help them through those.
So, whether you have 1 : 1 clients or a community who buys from you, tapping in and diving deep into the challenges that keep them awake at night will help you develop products and services that truly speak to their deepest needs.

So, how do you do that?

  1. For starters, take a minute and answer these four questions:
    What do I hear my community talk about over and over again?
  2. What do I often help people with?
  3. How does what I do or create shift how someone feels (meaning how do I change them emotionally)?
  4. What are the deepest, heartfelt aspirations of my community? What do they desire/yearn/hope for? What do they dream about?

Gosh!! There are sooo many challenges and sooo many ways you can help these lovely people, so how can you start to tap into and mine that creativity that is in your mind?

Here’s a super-quick way to start!! Yay!!

  1. Grab a texta in a colour you really like and get a big blank sheet of paper (encourages your mind to be more free and creative)
  2. Now jot down 20 ideas you can think of for a program, workshop, book, video series, whatever, using your skills, talents and knowledge. Do this as quickly as possible, write it in big letters and don’t overthink it.
  3. Now, grab a different coloured texta, (time this) take 30 seconds ONLY to circle 5 out of the 20 that your attention and energy goes to.
  4. Look at those five. Those five ideas are where your energy or charge lives. Within those five ideas may lie the key to your signature program, your main business offering, your first book, whatever. Place this poster somewhere and keep it in your focus. What you’ve done here is you’ve allowed your creative mind to roam free!

Now you need to get savvy…

When you start to create your products and services from your ideas you’ll then start thinking about how to monetize your offerings so you have a purposeful and profitable business.

Some ideas for this are:

  • Create a half day workshop
  • Partner with someone to create a program
  • Develop a package or program that uncovers for people how and what to do
  • Host a small gathering or party and sell your offerings
  • Add your new ideas into your current core program as another module or bonus and look at raising the price of your program now you have more in it!
  • Create a course either on or offline
  • Write and publish your own book

There are so many ways we can magically mine our creativity (IP) from our minds and turn it into valuable and lovely products and services to help our community and the key here is to keep doing it! Don’t stop!

I would super love to know what you’re dreaming of creating lovely, comment below and let me know 🙂

Many best wishes to you,
Emma Franklin Bell xxx

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