Monthly Archives: October 2017

Are you rising into your creative power?

Hey Gorgeous! I was thinking the other day that I’ve had some really fascinating conversations over the past six months. Not only the dozens of conversations with my beautiful guests on The Ladies Lounge podcast but also dozens of conversations I’ve had with people I’ve met through business. My aim is always to absorb as […]

Have you accessed the power of 3?

Hey Lovely,  Last week a friend sent me a photo of himself and 3 empty chairs. His text message read, “I’m having a quiet meeting today with me, myself and I.” This got me thinking deeply about what to share with you this week and this one’s juicy! This is something you can use this month, this […]

[Creativity] 7 Ways to spring into a new season of creativity

Hey Gorgeous! Woo Hoo! The beauty and vibrancy of spring is well and truly here (if you’re in the southern hemisphere) if you’re a friend from the northern hemisphere you’ll be enjoying stepping into the thoughtful phase of Autumn/Fall… Can you believe how quickly September whooshed by?! We are now into month two of Spring… With […]

Are you creating a body of work?

Hey Lovely! So, what do I mean by a ‘body of work’ ? Well! The definition of a ‘body of work’ is this: The total output of a writer, artist or academic. In a nutshell it’s the mass of work created in that person’s life or over the lifespan of their career. I passionately believe that as authors, content […]

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