Are you creating a body of work?

Hey Lovely!

So, what do I mean by a ‘body of work’ ? Well! The definition of a ‘body of work’ is this: The total output of a writer, artist or academic. In a nutshell it’s the mass of work created in that person’s life or over the lifespan of their career.

I passionately believe that as authors, content creators, creatives and entrepreneurs we can and should feel that our contributions create our own body of work.

Your Contributions

What I love about this way of thinking is that you will see your contributions, creations, content and copy, not as random pieces but as valuable pieces of a much bigger creation that has value and impact in the world and I believe this will deeply and greatly help kick any procrastination or resistance to the kerb because you will see all your daily written pieces adding to the total sum.


Imagine seeing the following contributions to your business as ‘Bodies of Work’ (BOW) that are parts of your whole Business’ ‘Body of Work’:


  • Your Newsletter, Lead Magnets BOW
  • Your Books BOW
  • Your Facebook Lives, videos, video interviews BOW
  • Your Blog posts, Guest Blogs, Articles BOW
  • Your Podcasts BOW
  • Your Speaking Gigs (BOW)
  • Your Programs BOW
  • Your Workshops/Events/Retreats/Masterminds BOW
  • Your Social Media BOW

Meaningful Work

What I love about ‘seeing’ it this way is it becomes really meaningful because it becomes something much bigger than you, it’s almost like a legacy of work you’re creating and putting into the world, it gives you a purpose – to contribute your Body of Work to the world to help people, to bring them joy and meaning. That’s powerful and will change the energy around what you’re creating, why you’re creating it and when you’re creating it.

Inspirational Influence

When you create a body of work you truly become an artist running a business and this makes your business truly soulful (full of soul) because an artist’s work comes from their soul/spirit/divine/God/Universe (whatever you like to call it).


When you run your business this way you ooze charisma, you never run out of ideas and contributions, you always come from a heart-centred place, you create products/programs and services of beauty, you raise the bar in your industry AND you become a person of Inspirational Influence which leads to a business that buzzes! This is true leadership.


Who doesn’t want to work with or buy from someone who’s truly connected, creative and producing top quality work?!


So lovely, have a soulful week and hopefully you get a moment to pause and think about how you can see and start to shape your output and contributions as forming your Body of Work.


Lots of love and bursts of creativity to you!


Emma Franklin Bell xo

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