When someone says your name, what do they think of?

Hey Gorgeous!

A few months ago I thought it was high time I put myself out there a bit more so I approached the lovely, Sonia McDonald and I asked her if I could write an article for her magazine LeadershipHQ.

I had no idea what I would write about but I just wanted to stretch myself a bit. She said yes and my article on Creative Leadership was featured this month, which was wonderful! YAY!!

I soooo encourage and support you, lovely, to ask, ask, ask – put forward your ideas to people, see what they say. You just never know right?!

As I was writing I started thinking deeply about words – the word or words you stand for and the association you have with certain words.

When I think of:

Sonia, I think ‘leadership,’
Ali Brown, I think, ‘online female entrepreneurs’
Lisa Messenger, I think ‘entrepreneurs and disruption’
Danielle LaPorte, I think of ‘desires’.
Denise Duffield-Thomas, I think ‘money blocks’  
Gloria Steinem I think ‘feminist movement and equality’.

Then I wondered what people might say in relation to me…hmm I thought “probably ‘creativity’ and hopefully, ‘beautiful business’ and probably ‘books/writing’ ”.

What words do you think people would associate with you?

Why I think this is soooo super important for we creatives, content creators and entrepreneurs is because I believe:

(a) We have to take a stand for something.
(b) Our word (s) need to reflect our brand.
(c) Our ‘positioning’ strengthens when we have something we talk/write/post about a lot.
(d) We then get approached to contribute on a topic that we start to get known for.

You might have one primary word like ‘creativity’ (for me) and you might also have a couple of secondary words like ‘business,’ ‘consciousness,’ ‘empowering women’ etc I’d recommend no more than 3 words (remember how I love 3’s).

Not sure what your word is…?
Never fear! You can start anywhere with this, that’s the beauty of it and why I love it.
What you want to do is this:

Start noticing what you’re really focused on and that you would take a stand for. What are you an advocate for?

What do you talk about a lot? When you’re in conversation, you find your contribution seems to angle towards this topic…

What you currently read – a big one!! This will give you many insights into what you’re really keen on!! Why do you read what you read? What is it about this content that really grabs you?

What headlines/subject lines/words and book titles turn your head? There’s something in this! Take notes!

Feeling like a weird word is emerging?
Super cool, don’t get concerned as to how niche, strange or unusual it might be. I’ve seen people whose words associated with them are things as interesting and unique as ‘archetypes’, ‘yonis’, ‘embodiment’, ‘the moon’, ‘LinkedIn’, ‘collaboration’, ‘tidying up’ (Yes Marie Kondo has certainly done well with that one!!)

So, on your travels just have a think about it lovely. Think about what you could really sink your teeth into. What could you talk about, write about and think about till the cows come home?

There really is something in this for you, I mean it, really get into it and become a secret agent, sniffing out of your own ideas and start mining them now – I’m telling you this is valuable stuff!!

Let’s get thinking, creating and celebrating our ideas! Mwah!!

Until next week,

Emma Franklin Bell xo

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