Are you rising into your creative power?

Hey Gorgeous!

I was thinking the other day that I’ve had some really fascinating conversations over the past six months. Not only the dozens of conversations with my beautiful guests on The Ladies Lounge podcast but also dozens of conversations I’ve had with people I’ve met through business.

My aim is always to absorb as much as I can from these convos so I can run back and share some juicy insights with you in the BBA News. A lot of my thoughts, ideas, insights and ‘a ha’s’ come from the mass of information I sponge in when I listen to interesting people.

As I walked across the city yesterday it dawned on me that most of the people I had spoken to in the last three months were millionaires, most of them, multi-millionaires! But, more interestingly than that, they all shared something in common…



Yep! They are all ‘leaders’ and, unlike political leaders, who lead on policies or religious leaders who lead based on theological frameworks or religious texts or environmental leaders who lead based on facts and figures around environmental shifts, these people are leading based on their creativity. Their creative ideas, the creations they’ve made, their creative products, programs, services and businesses and more!!

Their Creative Leadership is deep-rooted in their creative work, which is then brought out into the world and shared and as a result helps many, many people. It literally goes from thought to form.
I really am seeing a rise in creative leadership and I’m bloody happy about it! Think about people like Elon Musk, Steve Jobs, Marie Forleo, Leonie Dawson, Ali Brown and More!

Awhile back I wrote about WHAT a creative leader seems to embody. Now I’m talking about HOW I think someone becomes a creative leader and how you can too.

So HOW do they (and us) become creative leaders?

·     They are known for something – one or two core things.
·     They are published in some form.
·     They have or are building a ‘tribe.’
·     They have a philosophy and values and they share it.
·     They have a clearly defined personal brand.
·     They know the ‘words’ people associate with them.
·     They have crafted their ‘quotes’ and ‘one-liners.’
·     They know their signature stories and how to integrate these in their work.
·     They are highly creative yet also commercially proficient.
·     They have a touch of the maverick.
·     They produce a lot of content that consistently solidifies their ideas and philosophies.
·     They design and create new things.
·     They constantly ‘mine’ their own inner genius for new ideas for products and programs.

Why is it time to care about this and time to step into your creative leadership?

Well for one thing, creativity and leadership are right up there in the “jobs of the future”
Theoretical physicist Michio Kaku stated late last year that ‘Intellectual Capitalism’ will form the jobs of the future. What’s included in Intellectual Capitalism?
The top 3 on his list were:

1.             Creativity
2.             Imagination
3.             Leadership


I believe creative people like you move society, progress our lives, enrich our experiences and build a better world for everyone. I believe it’s your time and you’re ready!

I want to see writers, designers, app builders, bloggers, thinkers, makers, artists and creators say more, lead more and get more recognised!!!

If you run a business, practice or solo venture, I deeply, (I mean really deeply my love), encourage you to start thinking about these things and start thinking about stepping into your leadership.

I also want to help you and all of us in The Beautiful Business Academy community do this because I believe in it and the power of it and I believe in you.

Soon, I’ll be filling you in on my first program launch that’s happening in the not too distant future. Yippee!!

I’m so excited about it as it’s going to be my first offering to you all that’ll help you to take that first step towards sharing your wonderful gifts and making your original, creative loving contribution to the world.

Big Love,

Emma Franklin Bell xo

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