Monthly Archives: November 2017

Are you tapping into your intuition to create success?

Hey Gorgeous! How are you? What’s been happening? A fun and interesting thing happened to me last month… I went to dinner with a bunch of entrepreneurs. Half way through the dinner a friend of a friend arrived, the only available seat was next to me, so this lovely woman took that seat. We got […]

Do you know what your primary value is?

Hey Gorgeous! Two summers ago I went to lunch with someone who I deeply admire and respect. We chatted over salmon and salad and champagne. We had a deep discussion about life, love, business and women running businesses and she turned to me at one point and asked, “What’s your primary value?” (what’s the number 1 thing you […]

This one thing will deeply affect your business

Hey Gorgeous! Do you remember the last time you bought, sold or moved into a new house? Well these last few months I’ve been knee-deep in renovations as our ‘family home’ has just been sold. One of the things we decided to do, which we haven’t done on other property projects is get a stylist […]

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