Monthly Archives: December 2017

Creativity – 7 Ways to spring into a new season of creativity

With the birthing and budding of any new season it’s a lovely time to take a moment in the first few days and think about how you’d like this new season to be for you. It’s nourishing to look at what you learnt from the last season, reflect on what worked well and what didn’t go […]

Mindset – philosopher Alan Watts said this…

“The whole point of dancing is the dance.”    This is one of my favourite quotes from the ever-eloquent philosopher, Alan Watts – it is so, so simple and it’s just so, so true isn’t it?    In essence what he’s saying is, it’s not about the end. It’s not about the incredible finale where the […]

Visibility – let’s get visible!

I was doing some stretches this morning on my hot-pink yoga mat and I felt inspired to listen to Olivia Newton-John’s 1981 classic ‘Let’s Get Physical’. So, yes, as naff as it may seem, the subject line for this newsletter was inspired by good ol’ Liv and her gym buddies in the 1981 hit! So! Wow! How visible has […]

Why you need to become famous

Hey Gorgeous! Yep. Famous. So, maybe not in the Beyoncé, broadly famous way but within your tribe, for your tribe and for your industry – it’s time to become famous, or in other words – Influential. It’s time to raise your influence. Why? Because to be quite frank the world needs your voice and needs […]

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