Why we need to hear your story

Last week I was invited to a gorgeous home in Sydney’s north. We’re talking gorgeous, like-something-out-of-a-magazine-gorgeous. I walked through the sparkling rooms, my fingers danced over coffee table books and fresh flowers. 
My friend opened up the French doors and a gorgeous sweeping deck surrounded by trees reaching to the heavens presented itself in front of me. In the lush garden was a beautiful terracotta birdbath bubbling away, basking in dappled sunlight it was glorious… 
Once settled with a cup of tea my dear friend told me of her life, travels and thoughts and it made me think about her story and all of our stories. 
Our life story, our personal story, our main signature story – where we’ve come from and what we’ve created in our lives is shaping us everyday.
Often our main story comes from a point of transition — a time in our lives when things changed. It could be a day, a month, a year or a moment. 
Let your mind dance now and see if you can pinpoint a time in your life when something really shifted for you…
Now, think about what happened next? 
The moment after, the week after, the month after – what happened?
Grab your journal or a notebook and write down your answers to these questions:

  • What did I learn?
  • How did I grow?
  • What did I see in a new way?
  • What did I have to change?
  • Who did I become?

Look at your answers and find the story in there.
Often, a story of something that changed you, is a story that starts somewhere, has a ‘point of transition’ and then a ‘time of evolution’, that transition creates a new you and you are changed forever.
Ok, but how does developing my story make me money in the real world?
Your main story or theme of your life is often the basis of your ‘why’ a la Simon Sinek and his body of work around the ‘Why’ and how critically important it is to know your Why. 
Knowing and unlocking your story will reveal your why and revealing your why drives your passion and passionate people make money.

PLUS more often than not, where you were BEFORE you were changed by your story is where a lot of people are currently (this is where people will connect to you).
People engage and connect to the position you were in before you transitioned and they will buy from you seeing and knowing that you have now changed and grown and how they can too. This is often why someone sits up and takes notice of your story at that particular point in time and if your story matters to them at that point in time they will lean in closer and work with you.
To get your message across, you can use your main signature story in these places (where appropriate):

  1. On your website About Page, if it directly relates to your business
  2. In your book
  3. In presentations and talks
  4. In interviews
  5. In pitches
  6. When working with clients
  7. In webinars
  8. With your team

Now you’ve started to develop your main story, start noticing other people’s Main Signature Stories.
Whenever you’re reading about someone or listening to an interview, take note of the stories the person tells. One of these stories could be their Main Signature Story. Start spotting them, what can you learn from the way they craft their Main Signature Story?
Your life, your stories, your Main Signature Story is so important in the development of your writing, your purpose, understanding and knowing your ‘Why’ and in having an influential and impactful presence amongst others in business.
Get story hunting!!
All my love,

Emma Franklin Bell xo

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