Creativity + Planning = What?

A few months ago I walked into the offices of one of the most well-known media platforms in Australia, Mamamia HQ in Surry Hills. There were lots of women working at desks, lots of colour and energy and over in the middle was Mia. Mia Freedman, yes, the Mia who’s often in the public eye, the one who has a tendency to polarize people, the one who only recently has made headlines for offending a guest on her podcast. 

Putting all that aside, no matter which side of the fence you sit on, from an objective point of view I think Mia is an interesting person. Quite simply for the fact she is — interested. She’s interested to speak her mind, interested to make a stand, interested to exhibit her body and interested in having an opinion about a lot of things, namely women’s issues.

I’ve always been fascinated by her story – editor of Cosmo at the humble age of 24, a less than fabulous TV career at 35, and now the ‘face’ of a media platform that attracts millions of women.

During the reading of her book and during the interview, what struck me about the success of Mamamia was two things: Creativity + Planning = Commercial Success. 

Yes, Mia is highly, highly creative and her husband Jason is a planner – the ultimate strategist. This combo? Commercial success. 

Yes! If you get nothing more than that (creativity + planning = commercial success) then you’ve got it! 

So! Dive into your creativity, discover and decide what it is you want to make, then follow a formula or map out a strategic plan, follow it, then take action and do it and you will generate commercial success!
In other words commercial success is – money in your business!
Did you feel yourself groaning in the bit where I mentioned “formula”, “map” or “strategic plan” if not, great!! You no doubt love gearing yourself up for a planning sesh right gorgeous? But if you did feel an inner groan, never fear, planning things out doesn’t have to be tiresome…
Building basic plans
The easiest and quickest way to plan is to choose one thing in your business (or life) you need to, in essence, “organise” and then start from step stage 1 (what you always do first) and plan it out to the end. This is not as hard as you’d think
So, for example (little shameless plug) because I’m talking about Manuscript Mastery most of the time at the moment (as I’m in enrollment phase) people ask me about how to write a book and what’s involved in the program. Straightaway I can take them quickly through the The Beautiful Book Planning Template, which is a plan that focuses on the 6 key stages of writing a book. Simple. Love that!
How did I come up with that plan?
Quite simply this:

  • I reflected on what I did to write my books.
  • I went through my own step-by-step process from start to finish.
  • I then succinctly laid that process out and chunked it down and turned it into an easy to navigate plan.

And I’ll let you in on a little secret – I did exactly the same thing in my book Your Beautiful Business with the Simplify, Beautify, Amplify Action Plan and I did the same thing in my first book, How To Run A Preschool Dance Studio when I covered taught readers the 7 Steps to Create, Grow & Expand Your Preschool Dance Studio.
BUT! Be creative & free first
There’s nothing like squashing the creative genius within us by buttoning yourself up into a plan before you’ve let your creativity flow. So, the answer is to initially be creative. Be free. Dance around with ideas, brainstorm, envision, get excited. Look at your results in life. What has worked for you? What have you loved doing? What would you like to do?
Turn that beautiful (sometimes chaotic) creativity into something digestible, easy to understand, helpful and arranged and organised so that other people can understand and, more importantly, use so that it helps them with something in their life.
This is when you get that gorgeous luscious synergy between creativity + planning and that’s when you get innovation and commercial success.

Where in your creative work can you see the opportunity for commercial success?

To your success,

Emma xo

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PPS – If you want to listen to the podcast interview with Mia Freedman, head here

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