Monthly Archives: November 2018

Lessons I learned from running my first online program

As you may know, this year in July (2017) I ran my first online program!! Running an online program was something I had wanted to do ever since I did BSchool back in Feb/March 2016. Waaayy back then I knew I wanted to run one but I had no idea what I would create. Fast […]

How to Set 90 Day Goals

Hey Lovely! I was recently drawn to a book called “Take the Stairs.” A mentor of mine recommended it a couple of years ago. The author, Rory Vaden writes on pages 125-127 about ‘seasons.’ Here’s what he says: “Life, like nature, operates in seasonal periods of intensity and decline much like a harvest. This is […]

How to be prolific not perfect

Hi Lovely, This week I’ve been noticing a bunch of stuff around creating content, being a writer rather than a reader, being a presenter rather than a viewer, being a creator rather than a purchaser, you get my drift 🙂 Call it synchronicity or alignment or whatever, but if you notice something, then there’s something […]

Why creating and writing a weekly newsletter is a must

Hey Lovely! How are you? I’ve been feeling really under-the-pump these last couple of weeks, I’ve had so many things on, competing projects and several important social engagements. I’m sure you know the feeling! If you write a weekly newsletter then you probably know how tempting it is sometimes to just let it go. But, […]

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