How to Set 90 Day Goals

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I was recently drawn to a book called “Take the Stairs.” A mentor of mine recommended it a couple of years ago. The author, Rory Vaden writes on pages 125-127 about ‘seasons.’ Here’s what he says:

“Life, like nature, operates in seasonal periods of intensity and decline much like a harvest. This is where the farmer’s law of harvest comes in. There are all kinds of seasons in life. We have seasons of education, seasons of independence, seasons of love, seasons of growth, seasons of new beginnings, seasons of sickness and seasons of health.”

What I love so much about the seasons is, you recognise that your life is a like a dynamic, evolving work of art rather than something static.

He goes on to say, rather than asking ourselves “How can I fit more in?” We can ask “What seasons(s) is my life in right now? The answer to this question can guide us in our choices and help us with our goal setting.

How to Work Out What Season You’re In Right Now:

  • Find a calm quiet space
  • Take 3 deep breaths and close your eyes
  • Now, get into the feeling of what your life is about right now. Think about what you’re currently doing – the words coming up could be anything like: connecting, rebuilding, getting healthy, expanding your business, building your community, motherhood, creating products or programs, scaling back your business to its core, creativity or balance.
  • A few different things might come up for you and that’s absolutely fine. You want to sense if there’s a main theme that comes forward for you.
  • Journal – write a few sentences about what season you feel you’re mainly in at the moment.
  • A word or phrase might come forward for you. Write that word down in big letters.

What this exercise allows us to do is open up to the awareness of the current season we’re in.

When I did this exercise my word was ‘Creation’. That one word focuses my priorities, my time management, my financial resources and my 90-Day Goals.

Once we have our word we can then use it to guide us with our 90-Day Goal Setting…

90 Day Goal Setting

If you haven’t created your 90Day Goals yet, I’d love to cheer you on to do them now!

I do my 90Day Goals on the first day of the 3 monthly cycle – 1st Jan/1st April/1st July/1st October.

Why 90?

There are 4 lovely sets of approx 90 days in our 12-month calendar and I think shorter amounts of time are easier for our focus.

Personally, I have found I like things neatly organized in my life and in my mind. As I wrote in my book Your Beautiful Business in the Simplify, Beautify, Amplify Action Plan section – decluttering and simplifying life helps me notice the beauty and relish and delight in the moment more.

90 Day Goal Setting Now!

  • In your journal turn to a new page and pop 90 Day Goals at the top.
  • Then write down the 2 or 3 main goals you want to achieve in the first month.
  • These are 2 or 3 are big, juicy overarching goals for that month. They are not ‘To Do’ action items.

For example, they could be things like:

  • Create course modules for my program
  • Create video scripts and PDFs
  • Video the course modules

Having just 2 or 3 Goals makes that particular month feel focused. I know that in and around everything else I have to do, my laser focus is on getting those 2 or 3 things done.

So, I hope that the idea of the seasons allows you to feel the purpose and the 90 Day Goals allows you to be practical in pursuit of you what you want to achieve.

Let me know your thoughts on both seasons and 90 Day Goal Setting! Yippee!

All my best wishes to you,
Emma Franklin Bell xxx

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