Have you created your own quotes?

I was driving across the Sydney Harbour Bridge in the early morning sunshine on Monday and an idea for this newsletter suddenly came to me!

As a writer, creative, content creator, speaker or someone who wants to make waves and move people with your ideas you need to start developing your own quotes!

What do I mean?

I mean unearthing quotes based on core topics you know about, write about, are trained in and that have deep meaning for you — topics you really care about.

As time goes on, having core topics you stand for and are highly knowledgeable on and have crafted your particular ‘slant’ on is where you will come forward and stand out. This is where you’ll be truly seen and called upon to contribute to the conversation at large. Exciting!!!

So, where have I seen this in action? Just off the top of my head here are some well-known people who’ve developed their own quotes that they’ve become known for:

The world needs those special gifts that only you have – Marie Forleo

Self first is not selfish – Christina Guidotti

Your brand is what people say about you when you’re not in the room – Tom Panos

These people say these one-liners over and over and over again and these quotes directlyrelate to the body of work they’ve created:

Marie Forleo teaches business skills and encourages you to turn your ‘gifts’ into a business idea.

Christina Guidotti mentors hard working women on how to achieve it ‘all’ by looking after themselves first.

Tom Panos helps real estate agents build strong personal brands that have integrity and influence.

What I absolutely love is that these people have done the following:

Firstly – they’ve clearly crafted the key areas of expertise that they know about and are passionate about – business/productivity/branding.

Secondly – they’ve built a ‘body of work’ (remember last week’s news) on these areas of expertise. They’ve all written books, blogs and created videos and programs on these topics. This depth of work strengthens the clarity and the distinctions around their ideas.

Thirdly – they’ve developed succinct, memorable quotes that sum up their ideas into a bite-sized piece for people to easily remember.

WOO HOO!!! I LOVE this!!

I only noticed this, this week — seeing the connection between what they do and say and then the way they’ve developed these one-liners that they continue to say and how this has an impact on us and in turn powerfully, uniquely and beautifully develops their brands.

How can you start doing this? Easy!!


  • Start deciding what you really want to write, think and discuss most i.e. become knownfor!
  • These topics you’re attracted to might be conceptual, concrete or creative.
  • Aim to have a maximum of about 3 topics for example marketing, business, writing, design or productivity etc
  • Over time you will start to define and refine your own ideas and conclusions and your own slant on these topics.

What you’ll find is your one-liners will start to emerge… Note them down and start incorporating them into your work – your newsletters, books, blogs, and conversations and with your customers and clients.

What’s started to emerge for me?

I came to the conclusion this year (Boom 2017 right??!!) that my 3 topics of LOVE are: Creativity, Content Creation and Entrepreneurship. These 3 are really where I’m ‘feeling’ it. I LOVE everything about these topics and I could read and write about them all day!

My quotes? These are still taking shape for me, but I do find myself saying these one-liners a lot on podcasts, mentoring, books and in conversation:

About Creativity – Treat all that you do as an experiment.

About Content Creation – See your content creation as a ‘body of work’.

About Entrepreneurs – Entrepreneurs and artists are magicians – they start with a thought and then bring it to life. Pure magic.

So, remember, when you find yourself stating something in a unique way or a really concise way or a funny way – record it, memorise it, use it in all your material so that it becomes yourphrase, your quote, your one-liner!

Get Creating!

Emma xo

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