How to Raise Your Profile by Going to the Salon

Raise Your Profile

I came up with this idea after I went to the salon today and got my hair updated and refreshed and done –  how to raise your profile by going to the salon. In three steps, this is how easy it is:

  1. When you go to the salon and you get someone fabulous to do your hair, you come out and you just feel good. You feel fresh, you feel confident. And that’s probably because also you’ve been able to just sit there and have a cup of tea and someone has dealt with it for you. So, you have that boost of refreshed, vibrant confidence. It’s important to feel confident when we’re going to make content.
  2. Your hair is done. You can now just jump in front of the camera and feel onto it and feel good. You haven’t had to get out of the shower and deal with it, it’s done and ready. All that time is saved.
  3. Now that you feel confident and now that your hair has been done, you can batch create videos and boost your content.

So, this is what occurred to me. I was walking home from having my hair done, nice sunny day  and I thought,

“Wow. I feel good, someone else has done my hair. I don’t have to fuss around in the bathroom, I could just get home, jump in front of a screen, and shoot a video.”

And then I thought,

“I could shoot several videos and therefore batch create those videos. How quick and easy is that?”

 What’s so great about it is that if you have any procrastination issues or you find that you strain and drain when it comes to getting on video initially, because you are thinking that you’re going to have to do your hair and it’s not going to look right or whatever, just do it at the end of going to the salon.

Book the salon before you start to the day or in your lunchtime then come home and batch create a bunch of videos, and then you’ll have some fantastic content to go out and you’ll feel really good and you’ll look really great.

So that is what I recommend, how to raise your profile by going to the salon. And that’s what raising your profile is about, it’s about getting your content out there.

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