How to Raise Your Profile by Getting Known for Specific Topics

I’m passionate about helping people raise their profile in their niche.

Why am I passionate about that?

Number one, so that they become top-of-mind.

Number two, so that they become noticed and known in their niche.

Number three, so that when people need what they do, people think of them.

That’s what’s really critical, that when people are going about their day and going about their business and they think of something in their lives that they need, the person that comes to mind is you.

Let’s talk about how we can raise our profile by getting known for specific topics.

Number one, it’s about clarifying what you stand for and what you know, and this enables you to talk about it. If you’re an expert, which you are, if you’re in a niche there will be lots and lots of topics that you could talk about, when you get narrow and deep into any niche, that is what happens.

There are just so many topics and things that you can talk about but if you can distil them down, say, in any given year, if you can distil it down and talk about one to three main things and then the following year you might move on to another theme or another topic, that’s okay. If you, for now though, can think about, say, a max of three topics that you’re really passionate about, that you know a lot about, that you’ve had clients work through with you, and you can talk about those topics a lot and you can go into what those topics are really about, this will really help you.

It will help you raise your profile because people will see you as being known for a few certain things. Otherwise, you might be known for something that you do but it’s like,

“What does she really talk about?”

So, that’s number one, clarifying two or three key topics that you can talk about for now, for quite a while.

Number two, those topics, of course, need to resonate with your community. That’s not to be confused with your audience or your peers or your respected mentors.  This is about topics that resonate with your community, that is critical.

Number three, these topics really need to help the community that you serve in some way. They can’t just be topics that are interesting and fascinating. They do need to be topics that lead to really helping people in your community, really helping them move forward.

So – how to raise your profile by getting known for specific topics?

Number one: Clarifying those specific few topics that you will talk about.

Number two: Choosing things that you know about that really resonate with your community.

Number three: Topics that help people, really help people. That is what will work for you the best.

The go out there and spread the word far and wide about your specific topics and you’ll get noticed, known and noted for them.

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