To be honest, I sign up for a lot of free challenges and never follow through, I always get too busy and life gets in the way, but Emma’s blog challenge was different. The way Emma provided personal support and accountability really spurred me on to keep going and write my posts. I felt like I was part of something, not just another person who’d opted in! 

I wrote five full blog posts in just 5 days, nearly 5000 words in total. I feel so organised and a tad addicted now to batching my content! I honestly got more from this course then I have for some I’ve paid for. Words can’t express just how grateful I am to Emma and the amazing community I had the honour of meeting in this challenge. This challenge was the most productive thing I did all year!” 

Naomi Boyd /

When I first saw the 5 Day Beautiful Blogging Challenge, all I was interested in was the free template to help create blog ideas. I had no intention of actually doing the 5 days. It was Emma’s bubbly personality, attention to each individual in the group, and the fact that I didn’t think I could hide, meant I had to do it. But I am so happy I did. It was incredible. Never before have I written 5 blogs in 5 days, and with a small bubba, I hadn’t written a blog in months. I committed, showed up and got the results. I loved it! Short and sweet it’s a no brainer!

Christie Fischer /

The Beautiful Blogging challenge was perfectly timed as I had neglected my blog. Over the 5 days I was able to create a blog post per day, more than I have done in months! Through Emma’s Pre-Work document I also have a list of ideas for upcoming blogs and inspiration now to keep writing and releasing blogs, as I know I can sit down and write with ease. The daily Facebook Lives were a great motivator, and the mini-lessons packed with heaps of Emma’s knowledge. Overall I loved the week of blogging and I can’t wait to sit down and write more blogs. Thanks Emma!

Sonja Balzarolo /

Doing the 5 day blogging challenge really challenged me as a writer. It taught me to go beyond my own capabilities and use tools and research to create good content that I never dreamed of! I have always wanted to be a writer, but didn’t think I was intellectual or educated enough. 

It made me prepare self-exploration, self-teaching and learn the required skills that I would need if I were to be an entrepreneur or magazine writer, such as being focused, using a lot of self-reflection, and most of all, learning, and lastly, it taught me self-reliance which I felt I never had in my life growing up. I have always felt like I was the follower type, but finally through doing this, felt like I honed in on learning how to work independently. 

So, it really has helped me with learning to be a writer, and finally would love to do the Manuscript Mastery program, to learn the “mastered” techniques to further develop myself academically.

Thank you for the challenge, as I never would’ve come up with such dazzling titles before, or really get my hands on doing more research, so thank you for the 5 day challenge!

Emmalisa Tilli /

Thanks Emma for your inspirational guidance and coaching – and for organising the five day blog challenge. It was fun! Your vibrant energy motivated me to write every day, which put me into a juicy creative flow. As a result, I had a very productive week – writing five articles in five days,  which I’ve never done before!  You are a wonderful mentor, Emma. Keep doing what you are doing – opening doors for others so that they can find their unique voice. With immense gratitude, Eva

Eva Burbury /

Thanks again for your feedback! This whole challenge has helped me to reconnect with the part of me that loves to write and has re-ignited my passion for my work – I know I’ve said this every day so far, but thank you, thank you, thank you. I am so thankful that this challenge crossed my path! My heart is open, the creative juices are flowing and I’m so, so, so, so grateful to you and all that you do. To think that I was thinking of stepping back from my work about a week ago…you have no idea what this week has done for me, my business, and my present and future clients.

Thanks again for this amazing journey over the 5 days. I busted through personal barriers, shifted lots of energetic gunk and have opened myself up to trusting the Universe more which has resulted in manifesting new clients. thank you!

Vanda Costa /

This has been a fantastic experience. My intention going into the challenge was to learn more about the basics of blogging and to keep myself accountable for creating fresh on brand content. I feel like I got that and so much more! I now have fresh new blogs that I feel great about thanks to Emma’s super helpful feedback. I learned about the different types of blogs and ways to share my writing with a wider audience as well as grow my tribe and business! Emma’s videos are packed with great information and getting to see the other ladies doing the challenge created a supportive group. I highly recommend it!

Carla Conlin /