How to be prolific not perfect

Hi Lovely, This week I’ve been noticing a bunch of stuff around creating content, being a writer rather than a reader, being a presenter rather than a viewer, being a creator rather than a purchaser, you get my drift 🙂 Call it synchronicity or alignment or whatever, but if you notice something, then there’s something […]

Why creating and writing a weekly newsletter is a must

Hey Lovely! How are you? I’ve been feeling really under-the-pump these last couple of weeks, I’ve had so many things on, competing projects and several important social engagements. I’m sure you know the feeling! If you write a weekly newsletter then you probably know how tempting it is sometimes to just let it go. But, […]

Creativity + Planning = What?

A few months ago I walked into the offices of one of the most well-known media platforms in Australia, Mamamia HQ in Surry Hills. There were lots of women working at desks, lots of colour and energy and over in the middle was Mia. Mia Freedman, yes, the Mia who’s often in the public eye, […]

3 ways to tap into your creativity and boost your business

I am absolutely, unequivocally passionate about your creativity.   Why? Because your creativity is an untapped resource that is ever flowing, your creativity is unlimited, your creativity is unbelievable.   Why? Because it’s no one else’s and there’s no knowing where it can lead you and how it can change your business, your life and […]

Why we need to hear your story

Last week I was invited to a gorgeous home in Sydney’s north. We’re talking gorgeous, like-something-out-of-a-magazine-gorgeous. I walked through the sparkling rooms, my fingers danced over coffee table books and fresh flowers.    My friend opened up the French doors and a gorgeous sweeping deck surrounded by trees reaching to the heavens presented itself in front […]

Is your posture affecting your success?

A few months ago I was invited along to a Business Chicks event to see the world famous pioneer of ‘Power Poses’, Amy Cuddy. I‘ve loved Amy’s work, ever since I stumbled across her TED talk – Your Body Language Shapes Who You Are. It is now proven that if our posture is down, inward, heavy, […]

Visibility – does your brand need a reboot?

Wow! Everything seems to be about branding at the moment, maybe there’s something in the air around changing, shifting, evolving but if you are feeling that you want to shake things up a bit maybe now is the time… A few months ago I was invited along to the Business Chicks event 9 to Thrive and there was a fair bit […]

7 Entrepreneurs told me this same thing

A few months ago I was invited along to the Kick Start Smart event hosted by Collective Hub, it was a buzz to be surrounded by energy, ideas and downright great advice and inspiration. As I listened to the speakers and Lisa Messenger herself they all echoed exactly what 7 entrepreneurs told me this week… This week I […]

Creativity – 7 Ways to spring into a new season of creativity

With the birthing and budding of any new season it’s a lovely time to take a moment in the first few days and think about how you’d like this new season to be for you. It’s nourishing to look at what you learnt from the last season, reflect on what worked well and what didn’t go […]

Mindset – philosopher Alan Watts said this…

“The whole point of dancing is the dance.”    This is one of my favourite quotes from the ever-eloquent philosopher, Alan Watts – it is so, so simple and it’s just so, so true isn’t it?    In essence what he’s saying is, it’s not about the end. It’s not about the incredible finale where the […]

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