Are you creating a body of work?

Hey Lovely! So, what do I mean by a ‘body of work’ ? Well! The definition of a ‘body of work’ is this: The total output of a writer, artist or academic. In a nutshell it’s the mass of work created in that person’s life or over the lifespan of their career. I passionately believe that as authors, content […]

What does a mango really taste like?

Hey Lovely, At the weekend I was reading over some of my past blogs I’ve created and I thought to myself ‘hmmm you know, these aren’t quite creative enough.’ I decided I wanted to write about life, about observations, about the curious cross over between things and the strange fantastic-ness of “stuff”. How does this relate […]

How to Tap Into Your Creativity and Boost Your Business

Hey Lovely, You know, I absolutely believe with all my heart that your fortune lives in the ability to unlock your precious pearls of wisdom and gems of greatness from your skills, talents and abilities and then turn those into actual tangible things like products, programs, workshops, FB LIVE videos, books and more for your […]

How to Become a Creative Leader

Hey Lovely, Throughout my travels this week I’ve been carefully observing how people are showing up online, offline, in print, in presentations and more! It has profoundly struck me lovely, that there seems to be two ways of showing up in your beautiful business: 1. As a solid, smart, competent business owner 2. All of […]

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