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How to Raise Your Profile by Getting Known for Specific Topics

I’m passionate about helping people raise their profile in their niche. Why am I passionate about that? Number one, so that they become top-of-mind. Number two, so that they become noticed and known in their niche. Number three, so that when people need what they do, people think of them. That’s what’s really critical, that […]

Have you created your own quotes?

I was driving across the Sydney Harbour Bridge in the early morning sunshine on Monday and an idea for this newsletter suddenly came to me! As a writer, creative, content creator, speaker or someone who wants to make waves and move people with your ideas you need to start developing your own quotes! What do I mean? I mean unearthing quotes […]

Visibility – does your brand need a reboot?

Wow! Everything seems to be about branding at the moment, maybe there’s something in the air around changing, shifting, evolving but if you are feeling that you want to shake things up a bit maybe now is the time… A few months ago I was invited along to the Business Chicks event 9 to Thrive and there was a fair bit […]

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