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Have you created your own quotes?

I was driving across the Sydney Harbour Bridge in the early morning sunshine on Monday and an idea for this newsletter suddenly came to me! As a writer, creative, content creator, speaker or someone who wants to make waves and move people with your ideas you need to start developing your own quotes! What do I mean? I mean unearthing quotes […]

Creativity + Planning = What?

A few months ago I walked into the offices of one of the most well-known media platforms in Australia, Mamamia HQ in Surry Hills. There were lots of women working at desks, lots of colour and energy and over in the middle was Mia. Mia Freedman, yes, the Mia who’s often in the public eye, […]

3 ways to tap into your creativity and boost your business

I am absolutely, unequivocally passionate about your creativity.   Why? Because your creativity is an untapped resource that is ever flowing, your creativity is unlimited, your creativity is unbelievable.   Why? Because it’s no one else’s and there’s no knowing where it can lead you and how it can change your business, your life and […]

Creativity – 7 Ways to spring into a new season of creativity

With the birthing and budding of any new season it’s a lovely time to take a moment in the first few days and think about how you’d like this new season to be for you. It’s nourishing to look at what you learnt from the last season, reflect on what worked well and what didn’t go […]

Mindset – philosopher Alan Watts said this…

“The whole point of dancing is the dance.”    This is one of my favourite quotes from the ever-eloquent philosopher, Alan Watts – it is so, so simple and it’s just so, so true isn’t it?    In essence what he’s saying is, it’s not about the end. It’s not about the incredible finale where the […]

Are you tapping into your intuition to create success?

Hey Gorgeous! How are you? What’s been happening? A fun and interesting thing happened to me last month… I went to dinner with a bunch of entrepreneurs. Half way through the dinner a friend of a friend arrived, the only available seat was next to me, so this lovely woman took that seat. We got […]

Do you know what your primary value is?

Hey Gorgeous! Two summers ago I went to lunch with someone who I deeply admire and respect. We chatted over salmon and salad and champagne. We had a deep discussion about life, love, business and women running businesses and she turned to me at one point and asked, “What’s your primary value?” (what’s the number 1 thing you […]

Are you rising into your creative power?

Hey Gorgeous! I was thinking the other day that I’ve had some really fascinating conversations over the past six months. Not only the dozens of conversations with my beautiful guests on The Ladies Lounge podcast but also dozens of conversations I’ve had with people I’ve met through business. My aim is always to absorb as […]

[Creativity] 7 Ways to spring into a new season of creativity

Hey Gorgeous! Woo Hoo! The beauty and vibrancy of spring is well and truly here (if you’re in the southern hemisphere) if you’re a friend from the northern hemisphere you’ll be enjoying stepping into the thoughtful phase of Autumn/Fall… Can you believe how quickly September whooshed by?! We are now into month two of Spring… With […]

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