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How to Raise Your Profile by Getting Known for Specific Topics

I’m passionate about helping people raise their profile in their niche. Why am I passionate about that? Number one, so that they become top-of-mind. Number two, so that they become noticed and known in their niche. Number three, so that when people need what they do, people think of them. That’s what’s really critical, that […]

Discover The Hidden Gems That Can Bring You Incredible Success

Today I want to share with you a great discovery I made that led to me to writing my first book which was so successful that I built a whole coaching practice based on it! And yet, I almost missed the idea! Can you believe that? I almost missed it! And I don’t want you […]

Lessons I learned from running my first online program

As you may know, this year in July (2017) I ran my first online program!! Running an online program was something I had wanted to do ever since I did BSchool back in Feb/March 2016. Waaayy back then I knew I wanted to run one but I had no idea what I would create. Fast […]

Why you need to become famous

Hey Gorgeous! Yep. Famous. So, maybe not in the Beyoncé, broadly famous way but within your tribe, for your tribe and for your industry – it’s time to become famous, or in other words – Influential. It’s time to raise your influence. Why? Because to be quite frank the world needs your voice and needs […]

Are you rising into your creative power?

Hey Gorgeous! I was thinking the other day that I’ve had some really fascinating conversations over the past six months. Not only the dozens of conversations with my beautiful guests on The Ladies Lounge podcast but also dozens of conversations I’ve had with people I’ve met through business. My aim is always to absorb as […]

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